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Rocky Fieldhouse Bleacher Planks for Sale

Rocky's Fieldhouse bleachers are getting replaced so the high school will be selling the old wood bleacher planks. Most of the wood is from the original bleachers from 1959 when the Fieldhouse was built!
The profit of the sales will go towards other necessary updates in the Fieldhouse like chairs for team benches and scorers' table for both gyms.  
Planks will be sold for $1 per foot. Planks are up to 16ft x 9" x1". We will cut them to any length you'd like.  Please be aware that the boards will have holes in them where the bolts were. The boards will only be sold by pre-ordering. All wood must be paid for and picked up by the end of July. Boards will not be stored for pick up any time after July 31st.  
Please send an email to Michelle Lillis at Please state the number of boards and the length you'd like. For example, "I'd like twenty 10' boards for $200."
The deadline for ordering is July 3rd. Include your name and phone number. You will get a response to confirm your order.