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Eligibility Requirements

Parents and students must be aware of the IHSA and Rock Island High School eligibility criteria (one in the same) that will affect all extra-curricular activity participants in every activity on our RIHS "No Pass/No Play" list (found below). Eligibility is divided into two types; weekly and semester. Both follow the same basic criteria and are described together in this article.
Students must pass five (1/2) credit classes to remain eligible weekly during a semester and from a semester's final grades into the entire next semester. In other words, if at the end of any given week, a student who has six total 1/2 credit classes and one study hall happens to be failing one class, then he/she would still remain eligible for the next week in weekly eligibility (or for the next semester if those were his/her final semester grades). But if that same student were to fail more than one class, hence passing fewer than five classes (or drop one class and only fail one class, which would also leave him/her as passing fewer than five classes) he/she would be declared ineligible for one week if this was during a semester, and for the next full semester if these became his/her final semester grades.
In conclusion;
a.) during a semester of school, student extra-curricular (weekly) eligibility exists whenever a student is passing (5) 1/2 credit-bearing classes.
b.) at the end of a semester and for the entire next semester of school, student extra-curricular (semester) eligibility exists only after a student has passed (5) 1/2 credit-bearing classes.
Rock Island High School understands and supports this and all Illinois High School Association (IHSA) policies, especially since we place student academic achievement first!