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Six Rocks headed to State Championship for Wrestling

Over the weekend the Rocks wrestled at the Sectional Tournament. Placing in the top four and moving on to State this week in Champaign are Truth Vesey, Daniel McGhee, Antonio Parker, Amare Overton, and Andrew Marquez. 
At the Girls' Sectional, three wrestlers competed but only one is moving on to State. Sanaa Hampton will be competing at State in a couple of weeks in Bloomington.
Congratulations to all!
picture of Sanaa Hampton at Sectionals
Sanaa Hampton placed third at Sectionals.
picture of truth vesey at Sectionals
Truth Vesey placed first at Sectionals. 
picture of Antonio Parker at Sectionals
Antonio Parker placed 2nd at Sectionals.
picture of Daniel McGhee at Sectionals
Daniel McGhee placed third at Sectionals.
picture of Amare Overton at Sectionals
Amare Overton placed first at Sectionals.
picture of Andrew Marquez at Sectionals
Andrew Marquez placed first at Sectionals.